Week 7 “404 page”PART 1 or errors for the week

404 ERROR 

This past week was a bit of a bully. Since I’m still in the rim of getting to know how WordPress works and how to manipulate it, I ran into a lot of problems that could have been avoided. The first problem I had was trying to stop getting the “404 error page” every time I went on the home page of my site.  This really drove me nuts because everything was fine the day before while I was building my site, but all of a sudden, this creepy creature showed up.

Once I started going through the dash board of WordPress, I stumbled through the Settings in which led me to “Permalinks.” After I changed the settings to default, Waaaaalaaaaa, my home page was back, but I didn’t want those numbers after the slash in my URL so I changed the settings back to post-name and……yes you guessed it, everything was back to where I started.

So I did some more research and discovered information about static pages, and I realized that I hadn’t set this option yet. So I did some more research to see how this was done, and I read that all I needed to do was to go to the Settings, then the Reading section, and then change the front page display from blog post to static front page, and then my friend you click on the drop down menu which will give you the options on which page you would like to make your static front page.

It sounds more complex than it really is, but after I did this, everything was working.

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