Week 5 “Always Read”

This pass week, I went through trial and error. My boss put me on a new project where he picked out a child theme in which he wanted to start with. Now stop there, I really never worked with a child theme that was made by someone else. I only created a child theme from a parent theme that was already created. So this was a little different for me, but I thought that it wouldn’t be too hard.

Starting on the project, I began to download the child theme that my boss just purchased, and for some reason it wouldn’t download. I actually went on the theme’s forums, and facts and questions, but I was stumped. I didn’t know what was going on. I thought that you can download a child theme exactly the same way you downloaded a parent theme.

Then I ran across a forum that told me, “Without the Genesis Parent frame work, you can’t install the child theme that was made from Genesis.” I promise you when I read this, I was like, “DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” How slow can I be? Then I went back to the child theme website and Genesis was all over that site.lol I guess I got too excited off of the knowledge that I thought I had, and that my friend is called, “The ignorance of not reading!” lol

Anyways, I thought that everything would be fine once I found the Genesis theme, but then I ran into another problem. The Genesis theme was almost $50 and my boss already had paid for the child theme, not knowing that he would have to pay for the Parent frame work also. At that point I thought that I was screwed, but then I had a marvelous idea. Why not search for a free version of the parent framework. IDEA+DUMB=DIDN”T WORK (COULD”VE GOT VIRUS LOL).

SO i finally fessed up and came to my senses by going to my boss and telling her what was going on. She then said, “Arielle, I have the Genesis framework on my desktop, I’m about to send you the zip file!”


Well I did learn one thing from this, always read before you put forth action because precious time will be wasted.

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