WEEK 4 ~so far in but still learning~

This past week I got to observe a lot when it came to my internship. We actually had a partner come in and demonstrate her business to us. I got to see how the film man set up his set and props before he was about to do his job. The business in which this woman was a part of was called, It Works!” On camera, she basically demonstrated how their companies’ products work. On the woman in the photo, the It Works sale’s woman demonstrated how the companies’ body wrap worked. When she finished, she held up the Greenlight Local sign and explained why she loved her community. I really enjoyed watching this because I got to see another side of the company I was interning for.

I also learned more when it came to WordPress, but it wasn’t easy. After I set down with my intern adviser  I had another list of things that I had to get done. One of them was making the slide images, and call to action buttons open in another tab. Now let me tell you, I thought that I would be able to do this in the CSS code. So I googled, and I googled, and I got a headache because nothing was working. Then I came across this wonderful website that explained to me why I couldn’t do this action in my CSS code, and why I could only do it in the HTML code. This is how I broke it down in my mind. Basically, you can only style your website in a CSS style sheet, but you can’t give your website rules here also. This is where the HTML coding comes in first place. I know I should’ve known this, but the target attribute is what specifies where to open the linked document. With this little information, I was able to make the slides open in another tab, and my images do the same.

Other than that, this past week I did a lot of CSS coding and a little PHP coding. O …..I almost forgot…let’s get into the PHP coding. When it came to the slider on the home page, I could not get this thing to open in another tab for nothing. Then I ran across this site in which gave me examples on how they manipulated the PHP code in WordPress. I went into the code editor, then through there I was able to go to the drop down menu on the top right to: Slider.php. In there, I was able to add the target attribute to the code in order for me to make the slider do what I wanted it to do. Even though I had to read through a lot of forums and websites to get here, I feel rejuvenated because I came, I sought, and I conquered….ok kind of corny, but can I just have a happy moment? lol J

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