Week 3: Site Launch Count Down

I have made it to week 3. Time just flies! This week my sponsor got everyone from graphic design, marketing, and  web-development together to critique the GREENLIGHTLOCAL.ORG site. During this meeting, everyone was allowed to speak their mind by saying what they liked and disliked about the site. At the end of this meeting I had 3 pages full of notes. This may seem like it was over-whelming, but this really was helpful because I had direction on what I needed to do. Of course everyone used their imagination on what they thought the site needed, but I was able to give my input on what would be best for the site when it came to SEO, and user-experience.

On April 20th, 2012, I attended WordCamp. This experience helped me to build up my knowledge when it came to making a WordPress site. During our meeting, I was able to tell my Sponsors why they shouldn’t have a Facebook feeder on a static WordPress page and much more. It’s crazy how knowledge can be sucked in and spit right back out.

This week I also learned about the SEO plugin for WordPress called: YOAST. This plug-in alone is so powerful that it can make anyone’s site SEO ready with just one plug-in. I also learned how to make a Word-Press theme. With all of these topics, I was also able to go back to my internship and finish all the task that were needed to get done, in a day. I love Word Camp. This week, I really felt like I was a part of GreenLightLocal, because we all worked together and listened to each others thoughts and criticism when it came to making the site better.

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