Week 2 “Internship with Green Light Local”

You’re now in there like swim wear

I’m now in week 2 and I finally know all of the people that work here by name. I was given a desk and a 2nd monitor so that I could work with Dual screens. Who knew that working with 2 screens could be so freaking awesome. I know I seem so naive, but honestly, the only other screen I have at home is my T.V and ..well..omg ..I could soooo like hook my T.V up to my computer. Just thought of that while typing this blog. lol Anyways, lets get back to the internship.

This week I was given task that would help me get better acquainted with the back-end development of the site. I had to: make a gallery for the team that would link to an attachment page with their information, display the clients in a neat way, display videos, create call to action buttons that will link to informational pages, find photos and display them on the non-profit page, and input content into the website while also making sure it’s correct from the word document that was sent to me. Trust me, this sounds easier said than done, and keep in mind, I’m still a beginner in WordPress, but guess what……I managed to get all of my task done. Go Arie, go Arie…ok sorry…had to let go for a second.

This is how I did it. No I didn’t have a fairy God mother that granted my wish. I had to grant my own wish by using Google.com. Yes I got help from forums, but no, I didn’t have all the time in the world to watch tutorials, so I had to figure it out myself. With the senior Web developer at the desk in the same room, I was able to ask him questions, but at the same time I wanted him to see how fast I can catch on by myself. I first had to figure out how to display all of the clients and their logos, but make sure that they linked to the correct pages.

I then looked up different widgets for 30 minutes and found this thumbnail slider. I then manipulated the CSS of this widget and I was able to make this slider fit on the homepage and link to certain URL’s. Then along the way of research, I found a great you tube video slider that used light box when the user clicked on the video. It seemed like I was connecting the dots as I completed task after task. With the gallery, I did a little research and I discovered that I could use the default gallery that WordPress Presented in the back-end dashboard, but edit whatever I wanted. To make my pictures link to the correct page, I had to install the widget:RPS Image Gallery. This widget helped me use the default WordPress gallery, but make it to when the user clicked the picture, they would be directed to an actual page that was created instead of the WordPress default attachment page. This alone made it easy for me to upload pictures, and link them to the correct page.

My last task was to create buttons that would link to different URLS. Now this took forever because my style sheet seemed like it wasn’t being read.I began to panic when I also saw that my index page wouldn’t refresh, and right then I thought….I broke the site. My heart instantly got heavy as my eyes began to water, but I had to remember that I was 22 years old and nobody cares about your feelings when it comes to the real world or jobs. SO, I sucked it up and I went to my mentor, he smiled and easily copied the default style sheet and pasted it. Everything was now working, and we found out that the problem came from me accidentally deleting some CSS code.Gosh, that was a close one.

When I sat back down and braced my self, I was able to get the widget working that showed your custom ad. With this widget, I was able to input my pictures, and link them to different URL’s. I also learned that I could show my pictures by using HTML and copy and pasting the path located in the media gallery that WordPress presents in the dashboard. I also learned how to make the new page open in a new tab. After this week, I feel like I learned more than I ever thought was possible to learn in one week. I can honestly say that WordPress held me captive until I put forth the effort of work that it took for me to get the job done.

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