WEEK 6::Understanding a theme

In my mind, when it comes to understanding WordPress, one must take time out to work through the steps to getting what they want. When they get to the point where they break things and put them back together, this alone builds repetition. That repetition not only teaches that person how to build their own WordPress site with ease, but it embeds a knowledge that will always be that foundation. Once that foundation is built, one must explore the layers that come with the foundation, and I call those layers themes.

The idea of having themes on WordPress was very cleaver. My sponsor and a lot of other businesses, get online, find a theme, and then get their web developer to manipulate it. This all seems so well thought out, but lets look at the people who build the themes. These are developers and designers who build a platform for others to manipulate. So these individuals think through this project in their own way while building it out through their own ideas.

Guess what, we have to literally put the puzzle back together, but in our own way. So I look at all of WordPress in this way because it doesn’t matter how much I know, I always have to research and learn more while working with a theme. I take this task as a mind game because I try to comprehend, “What was the theme creator thinking when they made this, or wow, they really thought this bad boy out!” (yes I talk to myself……lol) Anyways, this is really what I’ve been going through the past week while I’ve been at my Internship.

I get themes, and then I have to literally take them apart, piece by piece. At first I didn’t have that much practice and knowledge in WordPress. So I got upset a lot when it came to manipulating themes. Then, once I went through trial and error, and practiced repeatedly, I started to loveĀ  completing the puzzle of understanding and manipulating a theme.

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