Tavarus Animations Website

Tavarusanimations.com is a portfolio site for a animation artist. The logo abd business cards were created using Adobe illustrator. This client was really big on showcasing not only his animations but also his artwork, but he wanted to be able to give detailed descriptions about his work also. So the lightbox effect with the summary section was a great plugin for the artwork to be displayed and also detailed descriptions.


Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 12.56.00 PMCocoaMichelle.com is a website for a make up/ hair/ nail artist and this is considered to be a freelance project. I wanted this site to be classy, girly, and professional. This is a wordpress site in which I created all the graphics for. The color scheme was inpired by the logo. I really love this site because it is very informitive, professional, and doesn’t give the client the run around when it comes to them being able to look up services, look at past satisfied clients, and setting up an appointment.


Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 5.30.01 PMThis was the first WordPress Website that I created in which the client was a travel blogger. The Google Map widget in which you see in the right column actually holds makers to where ever the blogger travels to. Once the user clicks on the marker, the marker displays a link that links to the bloggers blog about that location in which they traveled to. The navigation consist of: Favorite People, Places, and Things. Each page list only categorized blogs for that topic.

This WordPress Site was complex, detailed, but much fun. Since the client had already paid for her domain through WordPress, I actually had to figure out how to point her name server to her recently purchased hosting through GoDaddy. This task was a matter of figuring out how to change her WORDPRESS.COM site to a WORDPRESS.ORG site.

I came to the conclusion of having to go into the back-end of her WordPress in this path :: Store> Domains. There I was able to configure and change the name servers to match those of GoDaddy. I also had to change the IP address and follow these detailed instructions about how to manually change all of the DS settings. I learned a lot when it comes to dealing with different name servers.

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I’m very proud of this project because when finished, I understood, node.js, javascript, J query,  Express, HTML JADE, SASS, and talking to the server. This is my 1st Back End programming project. SEE CODE




I really enjoyed redesigning this site for the company I work for. I decided to make this site into a WordPress site. This idea alone helped me bring over content, redesign, and manipulate the layout  in a way that kept the site looking clean, neat, while leaving great functionality for the user. The hardest part of this project was deciding what to do for the project page in which I used the “UI Tab plugin” which helped wrap up information for each topic.


WordPress Site::MusicCollab

aqdesignz_WEThis site was created in WordPress. The site is for a group / collaboration called: W.E.INTHEHOOD. This organization has multiple artist and labels who combine to network and create music. So this site makes it so artist can not only network, but sign up for events, recording sessions, and even download different artist’s music. All of these actions can be done by using the plugins and different functionality that I created on the site. I really learned how powerful plugins can be while creating this site.

CSS website:: Zen Garden

cssZen_aqdesignzThe CSS ZEN GARDEN is a project that I will always be proud of because in this project, I only got to put my CSS coding skills to the test by not touching the HTML code. This alone was a task, but my CSS coding skills really got to the point where I manipulated the site into looking as if it were made in Photoshop when it was really build strictly though coding.


Photography Website

tcloud_photo_aqdesignzToshia Cloud is a photographer in which I created this responsive website for. This website was built in HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT, and PHP. I enjoyed building this site because my basic skills were exercised. I also was able to code the media queries to make them create a screen that would change the look of pictures and content when it came to users observing the site on different devices.

Html, CSS, :: You Magazine

CSS_youMagazineSite_aqdesignzYOU MAGAZINE is a magazine website that was created using HTML and CSS. This colorful site was designed and coded from scratch, and the the layout and design was really stressed in this project.

Html, Flash, Css Website:Salon

sweetsSalon_site_aqdesignzMy CSS, HTML, and FLASH skills were put to the test while building this site. I actually created the slide show in flash and design the rest of the site through basic coding. This site was created for a Hair Salon in which I also designed their logo which is in the header of the site.