Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 12.56.00 is a website for a make up/ hair/ nail artist and this is considered to be a freelance project. I wanted this site to be classy, girly, and professional. This is a wordpress site in which I created all the graphics for. The color scheme was inpired by the logo. I really love this site because it is very informitive, professional, and doesn’t give the client the run around when it comes to them being able to look up services, look at past satisfied clients, and setting up an appointment.

Keep Up


I’m very proud of this project because when finished, I understood, node.js, javascript, J query,  Express, HTML JADE, SASS, and talking to the server. This is my 1st Back End programming project. SEE CODE




I really enjoyed redesigning this site for the company I work for. I decided to make this site into a WordPress site. This idea alone helped me bring over content, redesign, and manipulate the layout  in a way that kept the site looking clean, neat, while leaving great functionality for the user. The hardest part of this project was deciding what to do for the project page in which I used the “UI Tab plugin” which helped wrap up information for each topic.


Photography Website

tcloud_photo_aqdesignzToshia Cloud is a photographer in which I created this responsive website for. This website was built in HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT, and PHP. I enjoyed building this site because my basic skills were exercised. I also was able to code the media queries to make them create a screen that would change the look of pictures and content when it came to users observing the site on different devices.