Dani Music

Dani Music is an artist who creates her own beats. This logo was created in Adobe Illustrator. RETURN TO PORTFOLIO

Universe Shopping Website

The Logo, graphics, flyers, T-shirts, and website were all created by Aqdesignz. This site is a e-commerce website translated all in French for universal trade and shopping. GO BACK TO PORTFOLIO

Xooma Transformers WebSite

This website was created for the team I created called, “Xooma Transformers.” This site graphics, logo, and banner were all created in photoshop, illustrator, and indesign. To see website CLICK HERE RETURN TO PORTFOLIO

South Style Entertainment

South Style Entertainment website, logo, T-shirt, flyers were all created by aqdesignz.com Go see site here -> http://www.southstyleent.com/ RETURN TO PORTFOLIO

Dancing with a Buzz

Website, logo, Tshirt, and graphics all created by aqdesignz.com Go to website here -> dancingwithabuzz.com RETURN TO PORTFOLIO


Heal901 logo branding, flyers, Tshirts, Hoodies and business cards were completed by aqdesignz. GO BACK TO PORTFOLIO

YKDR Website

The YKDR website, logo, T-shirt, motion video, graphics, and marketing were all done by aqdesignz. See website at officialykdr.com GO BACK TO PORTFOLIO