Tavarus Animations Website

Tavarusanimations.com is a portfolio site for a animation artist. The logo abd business cards were created using Adobe illustrator. This client was really big on showcasing not only his animations but also his artwork, but he wanted to be able to give detailed descriptions about his work also. So the lightbox effect with the summary section was a great plugin for the artwork to be displayed and also detailed descriptions.

Church Logo Design


These logos were created for Cornerstone Church of Christ. I came up with this logo theme by peicing apart the church name and then going with the color theme of the church.




INNERLIGHTlogo01This logo was sketched out on a note pad and then brought into adobe illustrator inorder for the graphic to be traced and made into a vector image. This is a logo redesign in which I redesigned for Global Innovation Now Inc.

Logo Design

nssLOGO01_COLORThis logo design was for the Nashville Software School, ‘Tee off for technology” tornament. I created this logo in Adobe Illustrator. The graphics were sketched out and then vectorized in Illustrator also. This logo was meant to be clean with a typography feel, and with few graphics.