Save the Date Graphic


Above is a save the date flyer in which I created in Adobe Photoshop. This flyer was actually turned into a magnet. Font was found on DAFONT.COM, and light rendering was all done in adobe


G.I Indesign Brochure


I created this brochure in Adobe Indesign and Adobe Illustrator. I made shapes and graphics in Illustrator and then brought them over to Adobe Indesign for Formatting. Global Innovation Now INC is a company that focuses on mobile app development for businesses, local events, ect. I decided to create an eye catching brochure that would define this company’s mission when it comes to broadcasting their skills when producing mobile applications for the client.

Deer meets Bee Typography

The piece below was made strictly using nothing but typography. I started off designing the deer with the only 4 letters in the word deer, and then I wanted an insect to fly around the deer. So I decided to go with the bee. This creature was also only designed with the 3 letters in the word “bee.”
DeerAndBeeTypography BeeTypography

Typography Album Design

Typography Album Design

Typography Album Design

This album cover was designed in Illustrator and Photoshop. The rap Artist’s face was placed as a foundation as I used only the letters that represented the album to design the cover. After I finished doing the typography art work, I then pulled this piece into Photoshop where I did the smoke effects, and gradient effects.



This album cover art work was created in Adobe Photoshop. The artist, “YKDR,” wanted a simple album cover that could display a picture of himself along with the title of his hit single, “Way It Go.” I decided to pull colors from his necklace and enhance the gold color throughout the artwork to produce a final color scheme. Font was found on: DAFONT.COM.