Dani Music

Dani Music is an artist who creates her own beats. This logo was created in Adobe Illustrator. RETURN TO PORTFOLIO

Universe Shopping Website

The Logo, graphics, flyers, T-shirts, and website were all created by Aqdesignz. This site is a e-commerce website translated all in French for universal trade and shopping. GO BACK TO PORTFOLIO

Stephanie Gatewood

The Logo Art work above was all created in Adobe Illustrator and photoshop. www.stephaniegatewood.com is a website that was created for Stephanie Gatewood who has her own radio station. All flyers on the site were created from scratch in adobe photoshop. GO BACK TO PORTFOLIO

Jpatron “Mud Island” CD album

The Art work above was all created in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Listening to this artist song entitled,”Mud Island,” he rapped about the features of Mud Island and the luxuries of Memphis TN. The song continuously talks about drinks and partying. So I got the idea to embrace the artist more »

Church Logo Design

These logos were created for Cornerstone Church of Christ. I came up with this logo theme by peicing apart the church name and then going with the color theme of the church. GO BACK TO PORTFOLIO

Community Fair Church Flyer

This church festival flyer was created for Cornerstone Church of Christ. Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator were both used for this project.   GO BACK TO PORTFOLIO

Greek Delta Flyer

I really enjoyed creating this Greek Flyer for a friend of mines who is in the Delta Sorority. After I found this picture of a beautiful strong radient and powerful woman, I wanted to go with a royal theme that showed glamorous rubies, along with the rich cream color. The difficult more »

Church Flyer- NESCOC

This flyer was created for Northeastside Church of Christ. All artwork was created in Photoshop. Everyone loved how this flyer was appealing to the younger people and also the more season people. I got the color scheme idea from colourlovers.com. GO BACK TO PORTFOLIO