My Chill Time.
Many teens feel like they have to chill with friends inorder to have fun, but in "YOU MAG"we'll share with you indiviuals that don't mind chilling with their little brothers and family for fun. These people do what they want .JUST BE YOU.....
There are all types of different individuals that love to share multiple interest that they love doing in their spare time. Here, you can review and try different ideas that may give you something to do when you're bored.

No matter who you are, every one has talent. Do you ever wonder what other crazy talents are out there that you have not yet to discover? In this online website you can easily share your talents, and also review the talents of others.

Disclamer:This Interactive Media Project was created by students for educational purposes at The Art Institute of Tenessee, Nashville and is in no way intented commercial gain or as a source public information.