Graduation + Living on your own = More School

Even though I’ve already got my bachelors degree and graduated, the reality of life is opening my eyes day after day.

 gradration The Art Institute Of Nashville

The breath of fresh air after graduating and getting my bachelors degree was overrated. After 4 years of college, I didn’t know whether I should be scared or relieved. No more classes early in the morning or late at night, no more test to study for, no more finals, no more long lectures, no more sitting in class until your back cramps up. These thoughts will always be remembered, but will not be missed, but I do miss the free wifi, and the free ink to print documents from the printers, and the people.

After I graduated from The Art Institute of Nashville, majoring in Interactive Media and Web Design, I felt as if I were officially a Front-End Web Developer. Before graduation, I did a portfolio show which displayed my greatest work from the past years of college. From this show, I actually landed a couple of jobs which were based on free-lance Web- Design.  I knew I was on my way to success, but then came the reality of getting my own apartment.

While I was in school, I actually was a Resident Assistant aka R.A, aka Dorm Mother. The great thing about student housing at an Art School is that you get to live in a real life apartment with real family oriented neighbors. So this alone makes you think that you are already in the real world SIKKKKKEEEE. When I tried to apply for apartments they were asking questions about credit, yearly income, background checks, ect. I was like, “Why wasn’t there a class in college that went over these things?” LOL Even though I hadn’t started to build my credit, I managed to get me an apartment in Nashville. They told me, “No Credit is better than bad credit LOL!”

Now with that out the way, my focus now is more school..  I know you are like, “What the….I thought she just graduated?” Yes I did just graduate, but I feel that even though I’m a Front End Web Developer, why not get the Back-End under my belt too? 6 more months of school won’t kill me.Right?

September 9th, 2013, is the date that I start “Code School Boot Camp!” I’ve already gotten emails from the school about books and homework that have to be finished before the 1st day. At first I wasn’t too happy about the homework until I did it and realized how much of a refreshment everything was. I knew technology changes constantly, but I thought my basic knowledge of CSS and HTML were pretty deceit. I guess that shows me why my father said, “Keep exercising your mind everyday or it will get lazy, and lazy brains don’t create income!”  This was funny to me back then, but now it makes so much sense.

I really don’t know what to expect from this school. Some people told me it is like boot camp, but to be honest with you, I’m a little nervous, but I really can’t wait. 6 months of school then I can actually say that I’m a Front and Back-end Interactive Media and Web Developer.  Dang that sounds good 🙂


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