WEEK 1 “Internship at Green Light Local”

WordPress THEME

“Internship Week 1 at Green Light Local”

I’m not going to lie, when I first was interviewed for this internship, I was very nervous. Of course I was myself, but in my mind I was thinking “should I act this way or should I do this, should I be over confident, or should I humble myself?” All of these thoughts were going through my mind as I set down to be interviewed. I was asked what coding languages was I strong in, and many other questions that pertained to the internship, but lets rewind this story a tad bit.

The day before, my sponsor asked me did I fill comfortable in WordPress. Of course, I told him I knew how to blog and that I had taken a PHP class and knew HTML and CSS..Then..the question came about…well can you bring me in something that I could take a glance at…OMG why did I just sit up there and lie…well I really didn’t lie, because I have done blogs in WordPress, and in the back of my mind I thought, “Well shoot, writing a blog is easy, so making a website shouldn’t be too bad……That night…I figured out how to upload a theme and that was it ughhhhhhh. So the next day I knew that I had to wing it lol. Anyways, fast forward to the next day, my Sponsor loved the theme and felt like I would be fine in WordPress so he hired me that day.

I was soooo excited. I got to meet the marketing team, the graphic designers, and the senior web designer that I would be working with. I literally sat down and had a 10 minute chat about WordPress as he navigated through the business site. Now lets pause here…tell me why I learned more and everything clicked in that 10 minutes than ever before!!! He basically told me where to edit the custom CSS, a different way to use fire bug, page templates, how widgets were on the side bar and plugins were usually used on the pages. This alone helped me to put all of the puzzle pieces together. Right then and there I said to myself, “Arielle, why have you been hard coding websites for clients who continuously call you to edit content, pictures, ect, when you could be stress free with the simple content management foundation of WordPress…I right then said, I was a WordPress Believer.