Arielle_A01My name is Arielle Q Adams. I am a graduate from The Art Institute of Nashville, TN of 2013 and a recent graduate from The Nashville Software School of 2014.

At the time, I’m a freelance Graphic/Web Designer  and I’m also an  associate holding the manager position in XoomaWorldWide .

The name AQDESIGNZ didn’t just come to me in a dream because AQ actually stands for my first and middle name. I figured that putting the designz at the end of my initials would really define that I love to design websites and graphics, and I’m quick when it comes to learning new technology and completing the work for any client that I come across.

I feel like the world of technology is always growing and that I want to grow with it while working in webdesign and development. Ever since I was a little girl, I loved to draw graphics on my paint program on PC and display them to my friends on Myspace. I even loved to find different embed codes and manipulate them in order to impress my friends when they came to my profile. From those pass years, I managed to develop my skills on a more professional level. So i can honestly say that I love this field of technology, and I plan on staying in a field that I can count on that will always make me content.